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How to Weld Steel Mesh Quickly?

Nov. 13, 2020

Steel mesh also known as welded steel mesh, steel mesh, steel mesh, steel mesh, etc. This is a mesh in which longitudinal and transverse rebar are arranged at a certain distance and at right angles to each other, and all intersections are welded together. The main function is to prevent concrete cracking. So how do you reinforce the mesh? The following Square Reinforcing Mesh Exporter will tell you.

Reinforcement welding wire mesh machine is used to produce reinforcement welding wire mesh machine. The machine is fully automatic CNC electric box control. It can be welded from tens of centimeters to 2.5 meters wide Wire Mesh or coils, welding thickness from 3 mm to 12 mm. The mesh can be adjusted from 3 cm, 4 cm, 5 cm, 6 cm, 10 cm, 12 cm, 16 cm, 22 cm, etc. Welding speed is 5-75 times/min. This machine is composed of servo motor, transformer, welding head, air pump, wheelbarrow, blanking part, shearing machine and other parts. Usually, only one person can operate the wire mesh welding machine. Widely used in coal mine support, breeding, fence protection, construction, hardware manufacturing and other fields.

Wire Mesh

Wire Mesh

The Steel Mesh Welding Machine is made by welding thicker steel plates and sections on the main frame, so as to make the main structure stronger and more compact. Weft yarn blanking mechanism has a novel structure and adopts stepping motor to automatically blanking, which makes weft yarn placement more accurate. Servo motor wire drawing device makes wire drawing more standard and accurate. Various weldable grids. The components associated with area grid tuning are tunable. Different grids can be set up by microcomputer control of meridian grid adjustment. The welding adopts a new type of high efficient closed water-cooled welding net transformer with wide voltage adjustment range.

In order to adapt to the capacity of the user's main power transformer and reduce the influence of current, the welding power electronic controller adopts the welding sub-control power transmission method, that is, the welding transformer shall work independently when welding the same weft. The electronic control system of welding power supply adopts synchronous control technology. Welding time and secondary control welding are composed of digital integrated circuit, high control accuracy and high stability. Motor power provides flexible welding pressure at the intersection of vertical and horizontal lines. Compared with other domestic brands of compressed air welding equipment, the welding is stable, less spatter, and the welding speed is improved. Reduced initial investment, operation and maintenance costs, and minimal noise inside the plant.

Above is the steel mesh welding machine related to the introduction.

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