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What Can Steel Mesh Save in Building Construction?

Dec. 18, 2020

Reinforcing Steel Mesh has gradually replaced the steel in construction projects, and there have been great improvements and enhancements in construction since the use of steel mesh:

1. It can greatly reduce the man-hours of steel bar installation, which is 50%-70% less man-hours than lashing nets.

2. With a tighter steel bar spacing, the longitudinal and transverse bars of the Concrete Reinforcement Mesh form a mesh structure together to act as a bond and anchor, which is beneficial to prevent the occurrence and development of concrete cracks. The pavement, floor, and floor are equipped with welded mesh to reduce About 75% of the concrete surface is cracked.

Reinforcing Steel Mesh

Reinforcing Steel Mesh

3. It is especially suitable for large-area concrete projects. The mesh size of the welded mesh is extremely regular, far exceeding that of the manual tying mesh. The mesh has large rigidity and good elasticity. The steel bars are not easy to bend, deform and slip when the concrete is poured. , The thickness of the concrete protective layer is easy to control and uniform, which obviously improves the quality of reinforced concrete projects.

4. Welded Steel Mesh has better comprehensive economic benefits. The design strength of welded steel mesh is 50% higher than that of grade I steel (smooth steel welded mesh) ~ 70% (ribbed steel welded mesh). It can save about 30% of steel bars, and the processing cost of loose-supported steel bars with a diameter of 12mm or less is about 10% to 15% of the material cost. Comprehensive consideration (compared with Class I steel bars) can reduce the construction cost of steel bars by about 10%.

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